Senior Personnel:

Cliff Fraser Cliff Fraser

Senior Civil and Structural Engineer with over 30 years experience in Project Management.
Design and construction of minerals processing plants and supporting infrastructure
His experience ranges from scoping studies, through feasibility studies through to plant and
infrastructure design, construction and commissioning as well as all necessary negotiations
and liaison with Statutory Authorities.
His Project Management experience includes processing plant "construction & commissioning"
as well as "plant dismantling, relocation and re-commissioning."
He places particular emphasis on plant constructability and safety of work methods as well
as the procurement and logistics necessary to ensure timely cost effective construction of
projects in remote areas of Australia and in offshore countries and Pacific Islands.

Frank Osborn Frank Osborn

Senior Mechanical Engineer with over 35 years of diverse minerals processing design
construction and project management experience.
Projects include plant design & construction as well as modifications and upgrades, materials
handling, conveying, pumping and pipeline systems.
Project Management experiences ranges from process plant "shutdowns" through to
EPCM projects
Due to the remote locations of most Fraser Osborn Client's plants, particular emphasis is
placed during scoping studies, feasibility studies and plant design and specification on plant
constructability and safe construction method as well as achieving the effective procurement
and logistics necessary to achieve plant construction programmes and capital cost targets.

Michael Evans
Mechanical Engineer experienced in design, of minerals processing plants.
He has extensive experience as Project Team Leader and Site Construction Manager in
achieving safe construction and commissioning of new plants as well as the safe dismantling
relocation and re-commission of plants.
His experience includes the management and project co-ordination necessary to achieve the
safe, cost effective and timely construction of projects.

Matthew Boschen
Senior Civil Engineer with a background in Project Management and civil design including
wastewater treatment and water supply systems.
He has extensive experience in the design and project management of minerals processing
plant infrastructure including access roads, camps, water supplies, sewage systems and dams
as well as negotiations with Statutory Authorities.

Geoff Prince
Senior Civil Project Manager with 40 years experience of major civil and minerals processing
construction projects undertaken Australia, PNG, Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Indonesia and
Singapore. He has specific expertise in Project Management and co-ordination of difficult Civil
Engineering projects in remote locations

John Brewer
Senior Mechanical / Piping Design Team Leader and Construction Team leader who has worked
with Fraser Osborn for over 20 years on minerals processing and materials processing projects.
In addition to his design, procurement and expediting expertise, he has extensive experience
on site undertaking the safe construction and commissioning of minerals processing plants as
well as their dismantling, packing, transport and re-erection and commissioning at a new location.

Brian Grant
Senior Mechanical / Structural Drafter who has worked with Fraser Osborn on minerals
processing and materials handling projects for 20 years. He has extensive experience on site
as well as being lead designer on projects being undertaken off site.

Udo Magdowski
Senior Mechanical Designer with a background in industrial materials handling equipment design.
He has extensive off site and on site experience.

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