Water Supplies ans Dewatering:

Water Supplies:

Callide B + C Power Stations
Design and construct 1200l/sec cooling water supply system comprising 2.1 kilometres of DICL pipe and 4off pumps and associated electrics and controls.

Pajingo Gold Project
Design specification and construction supervision of 36 kilometrespipeline pumping system and dam including Native Title negotiations, Cultural Heritage survey and liaison with Landowners, Native Title Owners, Mining Companies, Department of Environment and Pastoralists

Yandan Gold Mine
Design of the floodwater “harvesting” pumping arrangement, channel and associated storage dams for the raw water supply for the project.

Tick Hill Gold Mine
Design of 50 kilometre long water supply pipelines.

Nolan’s Gold Mine
Design of water intake and “harvesting” structure in the Burdekin River and a 22 km. pipeline to Ravenswood. Storage for raw water was in mined out pits Design of water recovery system from storage pits and 2 km pipeline to gold processing plant.


Ok Tedi Pit Dewatering Study
Feasibility study, costing and risk analysis for pumped dewatering of the Ok Tedi mine to a depth of 200 metres below the free draining level. Design was based on up to 1600 litres per second in 8.8 metre rainfall area

Test 500 m pressure and 17 tonne load

  Moranbah North Coal Mine
Dewatering system for longwall coal mine. For operational reasons, dewatering bores were selected Duty was 200 litres per second against 400 metre head.

Kestrel Coal Mine
Design and construction of 300 metre deep mine dewatering system including underground silt and waste trap and rising pipe. The rising pipe was fitted with specially designed high pressure flanges which protected the MV power cable and control cable whilst maximising the size of the rising pipe which could be installed in the bore hole The rising pipe design minimised maintenance costs by enabling a conventional crane (rather than drill rigs) to be used for installation and removal of the pump and pipeline


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