Project Overview

BHP Billiton Cannington  - Conventional Zinc Cleaner Cells


BHP Billiton Cannington  - Cyclone Feed Pump & Sump and Flotation Air Blower


BHP Billiton Cannington Fines “Split Flotation” Plant

The project separated the minus 5 micron material from the 300 tph process stream and separately
treated the material before blending the resulting concentrates back with the main process stream.
The detailed design and construction was undertaken immediately after the feasibility study and
the plant was commissioned on time and below budget. Capital value $10 Million. The plant
increased recovery by around 3%.

Fraser Osborn undertook the capital cost estimate and detail design of $32 Million surface works
component of the $130 Million Northern Ore Body Expansion including the minerals processing
component of the expansion project.

The construction was scheduled so that tie-ins to the existing plant would occur during scheduled
shut downs of the operating plant.

Equipment installed included:

• 200 tph scats crushing facility
• 2 x Vertimills (including a 1500 kW version – the largest built to date)
• Cyclones
• Additional flotation capacity
• Paste fill conveyor control systems
• Reagent and acid storage tanks
• Pumps
• Piping
• Foundations
• Concrete and structures

BHP Billiton Cannington  - Conventional Zinc Cleaner Cell installation


BHP Billiton Cannington  - Acid Tank



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